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We are a team of freelancers who create authentic content in the wild inspired by adventure and the outdoors. With our media, we aim to connect our client's businesses with their customers. In other words, we produce videos and digital photos of your services, brand, products, and values with a touch of adventure, outdoors, community, and nature.


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Short movies, reels, visual branding, media banks, interviews, testimonials, and more.



We tell your story through our lens"

Montage video


‘We come in quite early to your project, co-developing your vision until it is in a state where we can produce the media. The collaboration is more intense here as we strive to deliver the best content.’

scripted video


‘You have a vision and a plan - you just need the right people to get the shots; that's where we come in. No mess, no fuss.’

Additional services:

*Current prices in effect as of January  2024. 360 North Collective reserves the right to alter prices without notice. Prices offered will be determined by the price in force at the time of booking.  

Media sessions Include: 

Notice: Projects will inevitably have unique goals and challenges which can (and usually) affect the pricing and delivery time. 


We offer one of a kind solution to your business needs. Utilizing our international network of outdoor photographers, we can plan and carry out a project across multiple countries. We will take care of the logistics, creative planning, communication, and organizing of the photographers. This means less travel (carbon footprint) and more support of local businesses and communities. If you are looking to have your products photographed in the Nepalese mountains or Mexican deserts, we are the ones who can accomplish that. 

Notice: International projects will inevitably have unique goals and challenges which can (and usually) will affect the pricing. Please get in touch at to negotiate the cost of the session. 

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