OUr Mission

The mission of 360 North is to create a meaningful connection between businesses and customers by providing authentic content that reflects the company experience and values.

At 360 North, we develop original ideas and believe in 360 degrees of possibilities in problem-solving. We incorporate innovation, art, wonder, and flexibility in our assignments. 360 North practices and promotes “Leave No Trace” ethics in outdoors and urban environments.

The story

In the summer of 2018, two outdoor photographers meet for the first time in Katterjokk, 7km from the Swedish/Norwegian border. Neither of them is from there; both arrived at the exact time and place sharing their passion for photography.

Greetings were made, stories are told, and as the evening goes on, dreams are shared. They discover a mutual desire to evoke the spirit of adventure through photography, and as they part ways the following morning, the concept of 360N had already begun to take form.

We are Chris Alfthan and Oscar Manguy.

the team

Oscar was born in Baja, Mexico, and grew up exploring the Sonoran desert. At the age of nineteen, he participated in a 15-month long photography expedition where he developed a passion for outdoor photography. That moment "adventure life" led him to Alaska, New Zealand, Patagonia, USA, and Scandinavian Arctic. Oscar is an outdoor educator and spends most of his time in nature. Nowadays, he lives in a remote cabin in Eastern Finnish nature. Photo: Jens Nyström

Chris was born in Finland and grew up all across the globe. Photography began as a way to document his continually changing way of life but eventually developed into something more significant. He returned to Finland where he started spending more time exploring the outdoors as both a photographer and wilderness guide. Nowadays he lives in a cabin by the sea in the South of Finland.

Lukas was born in central Sweden, he has always been interested in outdoor sports and is constantly on the hunt for new adventures and adrenaline. He has a big passion for traveling and exploring new cultures and places. At the age of 23 before a year long trip to Asia he bought his first point and shoot camera and instantly realized that this was his huge passion. Now he is studying to become a wilderness guide in Finland at Outdoor Academy where he can pursue his dream in becoming an adventure and expedition photographer.

Ella häggman (Intern 2022)

Ella was born in finland. She traveled a lot with her family growing up, she had her own little digital camera where she took pictures of their travels. When she got a bit older she got to borrow her mom's camera sometimes where she would walk around outdoors and take pictures of everything. At this time she had also discovered youtube and began the journey of editing and uploading small clips to upload on there. When she finished ninth grade she went to Basecamp where she got to do a film project with 360N. She moved away at 16 to study media and now is doing an internship with 360N.


'indoor Hours' aka when to call us!

Mon-Fri: 1000 - 1600

Oscar: +358406542776

Chris: +358458507575

Business ID: 2988918-1Kuninkaankartanonkatu 6 A 3, Savonlinna, 57100, Finland